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Palo Alto Builders Mission

To deliver the absolute best finished product for our clients with integrity, transparency, and accuracy. All while employing the best craftsmen and skilled artisans to help bring your projects to life.


From the first point of contact we offer up sensible advice to our clients as they consider forming ideas. Clients’ best interest is at heart as we move through each project as we bring to completion. To us, the way we complete your project and walk away is more important to us than the start. 95% of our new clients come as referrals. This includes clients that encountered problems while working with us, yet appreciated how well we moved through the challenges and brought the project to a completion. Our commitment to partnership with our clients is what really sets us apart.


Working with PAB you will always know ALL costs and challenges associated with you project on an ongoing basis. Through constant communications we keep the information flowing which helps mitigate challenges which come with every job.


PAB is committed to building quality homes, offices. From simple remodel to New build, our stamp of quality is on every job and we have many happy clients, which we’re happy to share with you, who’ll be happy to vouch for this.

Sensible work

Rather than take Architectural designs and build as robots, PAB works relentlessly to help our clients save on Time and Money through logical and creative ideas.

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LIC# 958684

Palo Alto, CA


Serving the greater penninsula

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